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From the first moment I started using these essential oils, for two years now, I feel balanced, cheerful and clear. The fragrances have a positive effect on myself and my family and are an integral part of our daily lives. The oils do not only help us to sleep well, but also in the case of wounds, flu, nausea, headaches, colds, muscle aches and various other daily discomforts. At the same time they support focus and help with anxiety, worries and uncertainty.

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Peppermint against nausea and abdominal pain. Lavender to relax and sleep better. Lemon to cleanse. Intuitively we often know what we need. Nature literally offers us countless tools to improve our physical, mental and emotional state.


...essential oils from nature

I am super excited about the use of pure essential oils that are free of any synthetic substances or additives. These essential oils are extracted from the seeds, bark, leaves, roots, flowers, stems and fruits of plants worldwide and have restorative, protective and repellent properties. With these oils you create autonomy: taking care of yourself (and your family) in a natural way at home.

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And do you want to boost your self-confidence, autonomy and balance? Good for you! For me one of the best decisions ever. Start your journey here .


Almost 2 years ago, Anne brought me into contact with the oil of dōTERRA. I was immediately deeply touched by the power of the scent. Balance was the first oil I got from her and it felt like coming home. So earthy/soild/powerful.

Since I have been using the oils of doTerra I feel stronger and better balanced mentally and physically. I take better care of myself and am happier. Have less pain in my body and people say I'm calmer and more effective. I don't care as much about other people's opinions and I'm more in the now. 

I am completely convinced of the effect of these essential oils. It has given my life a total upgrade..

Marielle Nap

My first encounter with the pure essential oils was love at first sight. They have a precious part in both my life and our family every day. Whether it's about resting and creating clarity in the sometimes hectic existence, supporting your emotional, mental and hormonal balance or raising your immunity and vitality: the essential oils and supplements of dōTERRA have brought me a lot in the past 2 years.

The Essential Glow group is a beautiful community where sharing knowledge, inspiration and the opportunity for questions and sharing experiences are central. Enthusiastic, always sharing and full of support on many levels, Anne takes us with her. A feast to be part of. .


After a period of chronic pain and fatigue I decided to investigate other possibilities to feel good again. I ended up at an Anne's workshop in which I experienced peppermint oil. In no time I felt different: more energy than I had felt for a long time. A drop of frankincense then gave me a feeling of peace.

I was in a slight (positive) shock about what the oils had done to me in such a short period of time and felt good about Anne's help in this, since it was so personal.
The fine and optimal energy she transmitted made me decide to bring the oils into my home. Besides the oils I also use the supplements. So happy with it. 

I speak to Anne very often, depending on what's needed, and that helps me. In addition to the oils, she supports me in my business and coaches me where needed.

Marieke Haarhuis

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