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Start your day glorious, from within

Do you want to grow your business? To find the ultimate job? Write the brilliant book? Or just chill out? Start your day with my one of my meditations from the Inner Abundance program. Seven chakra meditations are waiting for you. One for each day of the week, with which you can focus in ten to fifteen minutes, find energy and stay on track all day long.

I will take you along in the how & what of meditation and the journal that comes with it contains a guide in which I explain you in words and pictures how you can apply the meditations.

Finally, the journal helps you to turn your desires into actions by meeting each new day in a soft, powerful and focused way.

I had the feeling that my life was getting fuller and busier and I had an increasing problem to keep 'all the balls in the air'. The word 'standing still' was no longer used in my vocabulary. While I know that regular rest gives me the flow to get the most out of the day.

I found this in Anne's Inner Abundance meditations. These are soothing and spoken with gentleness. Anne knows what she is talking about and she has so much knowledge, experience and love to share this with someone else.

With the writing and handbook in combination with the meditations I force myself to give words to what I feel and that makes it even more intense. I noticed that I am more balanced and also that I have a support to create my moments of rest.

Maaike Cnossen

Before I started a conversation with a potential client, I meditated with Anne's Inner Abundance mediations.

I relaxed completely and gained so much confidence that I was able to make a fantastic deal with the client.

Simone Busscher

It's great to follow the meditations, you have a relaxed and fine voice which will get me back into the resting position in no time. 


Your voice is so nice to listen to. Everything comes in, right in my heart.


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That can be done here. You pay a one-time fee of €33,-. After that you have unlimited access to the online meditation program which you can use anytime and anywhere.

Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive an email with a login code and password for the Inner Abundance page. On this page you can listen to the meditations and download and print both the manual and the writing book. 


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