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Commited to your growth? Against the established opinion? Ambitious? Looking for more depth? Rebellious?

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Before we dive in. I'm not from the quick fixes and rapid successes. Not of the unsustainable solutions and ego-preserving conversations. I'm not someone who takes you by the hand, comes to rescue you or fixes it all for you.

If that's what you want, we're probably not a perfect match. No problem. But it's a waste of your time here.

If you want to take responsibility, are committed to yourself, aim for sustainable results, want to be more meaningful on this earth and realize that you have so much to offer, then this is the perfect place for you.

Your freedom is my priority

I am an inspiring and leading mentor focused on women and freedom. Nothing against men, I love them, but my passion is stirring up the fire in women.

My magic is a mix of practical means to empower you to live your life with deep fulfillment, in freedom and authenticity.

I work with energy, with psychological models, with ancient wisdom and I am both mega practical and deeply spiritual. And far from woo-woo or vague routes that don't produce results. My methods are holistic and cyclic, always with respect for the Yin and Yang energy of every woman.

I have an unstoppable drive for feminine freedom all over the world, which enables me to put my clients 100% in their responsibility to be full of their strength, stay soft inside and clear in their minds. 

Babe with a mission

After working in the corporate world for more than fifteen years, from a high potential program to various managerial positions, I started my own business eight years ago. In addition to beautiful interim assignments in the corporate world, I coached highly educated professionals from the corporate world, entrepreneurs, small companies in the healthcare sector, gave yoga classes and worked with essential oils. 

Over the last 18 months this has evolved into empowering women and communities behind it with mentoring on the one hand and the use of essential oil for everyone's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health on the other hand.

 I'm passionate about making the world a better place. And an extremely powerful way to do this is to empower women and the whole community (or family) behind it. My role on this globe is to help women to release, rise and glow. In my work, in communities and worldwide. That is why I am also part of the Leadership Council of Girls on Fire Leadership #togetherwerise.

Off the record

I'm a mother of three teenagers/adolescents and together with Michel. Crazy about a peanut butter sandwich with a green smoothie. Killing it with planners & agendas and always in for a yoga session at six in the morning. Inspiring for many and also a sometimes tired mother and entrepreneur. And I use English and Dutch mixed together, can't help it.

Supporting women to let go, to stand up and be proud of themselves is my game. You know it when you feel you have more to offer, climbing the wrong ladder, keeping yourself small or postponing (guilty here!) what you want. I create a safe 'space' to let go of these barriers, put self-care first, move forward and create abundance.

I'm shit good at what I do and have helped hundreds of women taking themselves seriously and becoming visible successfully.

Here to help.



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