About Anne

Anne is a leading Feminine Freedom Mentor. She helps women all over the world to Release, Rise & Glow.

My magic is to develop practical solutions to help you with your Soul Journey to transformation in a way that allows you to discover deep fulfillment, freedom and authenticity in everything you do.

Yes, I work with energy, and yes, I am deeply spiritual, BUT I am far from woo-woo or vague routes that do not yield results. My methods are holistic and cyclic, always with respect for the Yin and Yang energy of every woman.

And at the same time, my corporate background, patriarchal awareness and my inescapable drive for female freedom all over the world ensure it. that I put my customers 100% in their responsibility to be full of their strength, to stay soft inside and clear in their heads. While working on achieving abundance & wholeness. 

Babe with a mission

After working in the corporate world for more than fifteen years, from a high potential program to various managerial positions, I started my own business eight years ago. In addition to beautiful interim assignments in the corporate world, I coached highly educated professionals from the corporate world, entrepreneurs, small companies in the healthcare sector, gave yoga classes and worked with essential oils. In the last 18 months this has evolved into high end coaching of companies and female entrepreneurs.

Together we work on the care for yourself, the foundation for your business or career AND the manifestation of the business or your dream. I am passionate about making the world a better place. And an extremely powerful way to do this is to empower women and thus the whole community (or family) behind them. 

My role on this planet is to help women to release, rise and glow. In my work, communities and worldwide.

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Non-official BIO

Mother of three teenagers/adolescents and together with Michel. Crazy about a peanut butter sandwich with a green smoothie. Killing it with planners & agendas and always in for a yoga session at six in the morning. Inspiring for many and also a sometimes tired mother and entrepreneur. And I use English and Dutch mixed together, can't help it.

Helping women to release, rise & glow. You probably know it when you know that you have more to offer, climb the wrong ladder, keep yourself small or keep postponing (guilty here!) what you want. 

I create a safe 'space' to let go of these barriers, to put self-care first, to move forward and to create abundance. We work from leading yourself to leading others in a cyclical way.

I'm shit good at what I do and have helped hundreds of women taking themselves seriously and becoming visible successfully.

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