Sacred Strategy


Unique, one-on-one mentoring sessions that 100% revolve around you. One or multiple sessions, whatever you want.


  • You need help in discovering the underlying patterns that may still play a role in your life and/or business and how to turn them around in order to make your outside world reflect your inner world.
  • You are being triggered on a regular basis and want support in overseeing what happens and how you can heal this
  • You feel that you are far away from yourself and want to return to your Sacred place; where everything coincides
  • You need to remember your authenticity, your resilience, your energy and your unique talent.

And everything else your heart needs - this session is for you

What does a session look like?

My dedication is in the empowerment of women, girls and the communities behind us. We have a lot to contribute both individually and collectively, but often leave our qualities, soul and mission behind for whatever reason. The desire and deeper knowing remain real. And our energy is desperately needed.

The way to live your life to the fullest is to make that choice, to empower ourselves. You don't have to do this alone. I help you get back to yourself, to what you already know and can do, and bring this out. You are your own medicine. You're also an example to other women and girls. We need you.

You are the only one who can make the choice and the only one who can change your patterns, thoughts, behavior, emotions and heal your traumas to live in harmony with yourself again. It's not necessarily an easy route. It really asks you to look at yourself, to see your shadows, to go beyond fear. But it is the most valuable path you walk. To feel your own strength again and to go in abundance.

What we do in a session is to go to the core of your disbalance and your subconscious. You share with me what is going on and coming up, physically as well as mentally, emotionally and energetically if you can experience this. I connect the dots and see what the underlying pattern, the fear, is as it were. I give you clarity about patterns, beliefs and barriers, we check where they come from and I help you to rewrite them. So that it has power, so that it serves you and moves you forward.

You are your own change you want to see in the world, no one else can do this for you or change you. Release, rise, glow. And then you can create anything you want.

My unique approach in these sessions

This session takes place online with pre- and post work. Maybe a bit unusual, but for me a way to stay in my energy and help and keep you in yours. An online session works just as well, and sometimes even better, as a live session.

Our voices, language, energy and frequency are attuned to each other and bring the intimacy that is needed. There is also a small distance that makes it possible for you to be more attuned to yourself instead of busy with what I feel, think, find, etc. Besides this you are in your own space and space to react at your own pace, which is very pleasant when you find being vulnerable more difficult or find it difficult to react immediately.

For whom?

These Sacred Strategy Sessions are reserved for women because I am focused on empowering women as well as restoring the balance of feminine and masculine energy.

Here to help.


How are we doing this together?

Book your session, I will contact you and we will make an appointment for our session during the day or evening. Then I will take you along in the preparation of the session, the session itself. Afterwards we'll go over questions and I'll send you assignments, exercises or meditations if applicable.

All yours

I'm here 100% for you and for what you need.


Let's keep in touch


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