Growth Mastermind 2020

Helping you take the lead in your LIFE and BUSINESS

Are you ready to get clarity about your intentions for 2020?

Do you find it hard to set goals, make plans and follow through on them, especially when you don’t really know what you want this year to hold for you?

Do you know 2020 will be ‘your year‘, but you don’t know what that exactly means or how are you going to make it happen?

Are you tired or doing things on your own, figuring it all out and falling or track? 

And are you searching for a community and     1:1 coaching that holds you accountable?

What is the ‘Growth Mastermind 2020’?

In this year you will define your intentions, set goals with soul, organise your accountability and create flow, energy and accountability.
A love dance between your feminine and masculine qualities including:

✔  Quarterly group calls to create your one-year life and business intentions, themes and goals from the heart and stay on track

✔  Celebrating 2019 group call in December as a kick or for the new year

✔  Explore what your intentions and goals really mean in practice

✔  Create a workbook filled with your intentions, goals and realistic plans based on cyclical thinking and acting

✔  Feel into your year through guided editing that helps you align and focus. Add us every quarter.

✔  A loving community group for every week support 

✔  Create an intuitive oil blend to anchor in your intentions and themes for 2020


PLUS a bonus planning workbook that includes worksheets to reflect on your annual, quarterly (90 days) and monthly plans and check-ins each month including a self-care tracker and Money tracker


If you are one of the first to dive in you’ll receive this incredible bonus

Two 1: 1 accountability calls with me (20 min in Feb. & May) 


My name is Anne van de Vegte

I have generated multiple 6-figure euros in revenue and mentored hundreds of women in corporate positions as well as female entrepreneurs in the last eight years. I believe that if we have a vision or dream we also have the skills and responsibility to manifest these in real life using all our unique gifts combining the yin, our feminine qualities and the yang, our more masculine qualities. Feeling, intuition and desires are as important as thinking, planning and acting.

 My desire for you is that you approach 2020 in a way that you prioritize YOU combined with aligned action –a straight line- with your desires so that you can embrace 2020 in a state of flow rather than scattered action and disappointment.

Does this sound like something exactly what you need?

This unique program ‘Growth Mastermind’ is a gift to yourself for the year ahead to tune into what really rocks your boat and make it come true.

What’s Included:

✔ Five insightful group calls (60-75 min.) To reflect on and design the year and the upcoming quarter

✔ The Growth Mastermind Workbook to map out your desires, intentions, goals and aligned action steps

✔ Guided mp3 meditations (add us every quarter) to help you tune out the noise, nurture yourself and gain clarity, focus and breakthroughs.

✔ Our loving community for support and accountability

✔ Free 10 ml roller with my Manifestation with Glow blend of essential oils which supports you in your alignment with your desires

 2020 planning workbook that includes:

✔ 2020 Goals Worksheet and cyclic 2020 planner

✔ Cyclic quarterly planner and quarterly reflection worksheets to review your goals, progress and financials for that quarter

✔ Monthly planner and reflection worksheets to help you take the learnings from each previous month and bring it forward

✔ Self care planner and reflection worksheets including a tracker

✔ Money tracker to help you get into the energy of abundance

✔ Lunar overview to help you align your actions and self care with the moon phases

Give yourself the gift of connection and realising what’s possible, you won’t regret it!

You don’t have to just do the hard, linear work and push through.

You REALLY can use your feminine qualities to live the life you want.


12 months access