Growth Mastermind 2020




  • Five insightful group calls (60-75 min.) To reflect on and design the year and the upcoming quarter
  • The Growth Mastermind Workbook to map out your desires, intentions, goals and aligned action steps
  • Guided mp3 meditations (add us every quarter) to help you tune out the noise, nurture yourself and gain clarity, focus and breakthroughs.
  • Our loving community for support and accountability
  • Free 10 ml roller with my Manifestation with Glow blend of essential oils which supports you in your alignment with your desires
  • 2020 planning workbook that includes:
  • 2020 Goals Worksheet and cyclic 2020 planner
  • Cyclic quarterly planner and quarterly reflection worksheets to review your goals, progress and financials for that quarter
  • Monthly planner and reflection worksheets to help you take the learnings from each previous month and bring it forward
  • Self-care planner and reflection worksheets including a tracker
  • Money tracker to help you get into the energy of abundance
  • Lunar overview to help you align your actions and self-care with the moon phases
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